Our events are a proven way for us to demonstrate appreciation and develop long lasting relationships with our clients. Furthermore, our events allow our team to meet new people that are interested in our expertise, all while looking to find a trusted financial partner.

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Upcoming Events and Important Dates:

Check out our upcoming events such as seminars, online events, RRSP contribution due dates, Filling taxes due dates and much more.

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Speaker Series:

Our executive Speaker Series are an opportunity for executives across the Great Toronto Area to meet and connect with other professionals that have common interests. Each event’s topic will vary upon the guest speaker’s expertise, and the guest list will be curated accordingly.

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Knowledge is power, financial education can really improve people's financial situation. We want to empower our clients and other interested individuals on maximizing their money through strategies that seek to continually increase their wealth; even after retirement. 

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Private Events:

Our Private Events are a great opportunity to connect with people outside of our personal network; all while meeting individuals who need premier financial planning.  Usually done in a 1+1 manner through our client base, these are meant as small gesture of appreciation to our client’s trust and loyalty in our practice.

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