Does your plan answer your ‘what ifs?’

Our new IG Living Plan™ is an enhanced digital experience that helps you collaborate with our team in new ways, and test different ‘what if’ scenarios.

In a rapidly changing world filled with economic uncertainties, you require an even more comprehensive and collaborative approach to financial planning and advice. That’s why our head office launched the next generation IG Living Plan™. This powerful digital platform features artificial intelligence, and coupled with the expertise of Syrja & Associate Private Wealth Management, helps you analyze different “what if” scenarios to adjust to your changing needs and goals. From cash management, investments, to insurance and estate planning, the IG Living Plan applies the most tax efficient strategies across all aspects of your financial well-being – today, tomorrow and for future generations.


We are proud that IG Wealth Management is the first company to bring this innovative, user-friendly digital experience to Canada. The IG Living Plan uses robust new planning software featuring state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that allows for faster and more complex analysis of ‘what if’ scenarios. This means our team can provide you with a more rigorous and flexible plan, able to adapt to the changing circumstances of your life.



What sets the next generation IG Living Plan apart from the rest?

The easy-to-use IG Living Plan dashboard provides a current overview of your financial plan, major goals, and your progress towards them. With ‘what if’ scenario analysis, we can test different scenarios based on lifestyle choices, new goals, or life-changing events. This can show you the impact of your decisions before you make them. The digital, interactive platform helps  provide increased communication and collaboration with our team, on an ongoing basis.




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How strong is your financial plan?

From planned to unplanned, the IG Living Plan Snapshot gives you a financial well-being score that shows how prepared you are. You’ll answer a series of questions based on five dimensions of financial well-being and then receive a result out of 100 and recommendations on how best to meet your goals. These insights will help you create a comprehensive financial plan that evolves and adapts with your life.

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