Investment Planning

Our approach to investment management is designed to meet the needs of people that have capital they want to grow and protect, but do not have the time or expertise to manage it by themselves. Thus, they prefer to have their wealth managed through a professional team.

Syrja & Associates Investment Planning method is dynamic, and continuously evolves with your changing financial and personal conditions. We can guide and advise you on investment plan transitions as you go through life and life-style changes.

For many professionals, investments can be intimidating when you start, especially when you do not know much about it. For others, investing requires a lot of time and they are concerned that they will not have time to manage it. Do not worry about it. Our team of professionals can develop a strategy that is suited it for you. Whether you do not have experience with investing or time to track them, we have different strategies to help you start investment plan. 



Our investment plans:

iProfile - Managed assets:
A perfect solution for our high net worth investors who do not have the time to track or manage their portfolios.

IG Wealth Portfolios: 
This service is ideal for first-time investors who are looking to start creating their portfolios. These funds are also recommended for investors who do not want to spend their time monitoring their portfolios on a regular basis.

Mutual funds:
We help you start and navigate mutual funds investments. 

Corporate Class Portfolios:
Develop tax-efficient investment separately of your registered plans.

SRI (Socially responsible investing):
We care about your personal values, our Summa Fund provides socially responsible designated investments that fit your financial objectives.

You are our priority and we strive for your success. Therefore we seek to:

  • Protect your money from substantial or permanent loss
  • Generate enough income to fund your retirement without making significant lifestyle changes
  • Provide stable, non-volatile growth to keep up with inflation over the long term
  • Delegate the management of their assets to a trusted team of professionals