Tax Planning

Our team starts by assembling the necessary documents to determine our clients tax situation, to later identify the possible deductions or credits that applies in their specific case. In the mean time, we find short-term and long-term tax liabilities based on the current value of your assets. 

If you are a business owner thinking of your exit strategy, you must consider taxation issues around business succession planning.



We help you to:

  • Find out the deductions and credits to which you are entitled.
  • Take full advantage of tax minimization strategies and understand the government benefits available to help you maximize the value of your retirement savings
  • Understand how the structure of your business affect your personal tax situation, and then find out the best solution to help you to get the most out of your business.
  • As a shareholder of a corporation, you may have to choose between salary or dividend compensation. Understand which the best remuneration strategy is to maximize your after-tax cash flows.
  • Estate planning can help address taxes payable upon death, it can minimize the tax bill or possibly incorporate insurance in your financial plan.