Estate Planning

Let us help you to leave your wealth among your loved ones or the causes/institutions you care so much. After all, your estate plan will cover more than just your will. It could include a review of your beneficiary designations, joint ownership arrangements and powers of attorney.

Our Estate Planning offers to:

Designate your beneficiaries:

Be careful and plan ahead. If you don’t select beneficiaries for your assets wisely (or do not choose anyone), your assets might end up in the hands of individuals that you never intended to give.

Choose who determines how your Estate is dealt with upon your passing:

The Executors of your Estate wield strong powers that determine how your Estate is managed after you are gone. We’ll help you understand the importance of choosing an executor for your plan, and what criteria you should consider when assigning someone to discharge your final wishes.

Help you understand the importance of a will:

Your will should be the main priority of your Estate Plan. We can guide you on how you should structure this document so your attorney can write a will that reflects how you want your Estate delivers. Depending on your situation you may need a simple Will, Testamentary Will, or Joint Wills.

Check tax planning considerations:

Learn how to minimize Estate taxes and reduce probate fees. Without a detailed Estate Plan, a considerable part of your estate could erode through taxes or fees, even before your designated beneficiaries inherit your wealth.

Create POA (Powers of Attorney): 

Whether it’s to manage specific assets, investments, bank accounts, real estate holdings or charitable giving. Once you are no longer here, its in your best interest to have a POA in place to ensure your wishes are followed. A well-crafted POA will also facilitate how decisions about your final arrangements are made when your time comes.

Design assets and legacy distribution: 

Not having a proper Estate planning, means that your assets might not be distributed the way you want. Therefore, creating legally-binding wills and ensuring the Estate Plan are in sync with the Will is essential to ensure proper distribution of your estate, our professionals can support you in this endeavor.