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What are the Syrja & Associates Speaker Series?

The Syrja & Associates Executive Speaker Series events are an opportunity for executives across the GTA to meet and connect with other professionals that have common interests. Each event’s topic will vary upon the guest speaker’s expertise, and the guest list will be curated accordingly. These are exclusive events that will range between 10-15 attendees per event.

Why are we doing these events?

We want to meet talented and successful professionals in the Toronto area and to continue building our client base; all while connecting with our guests in a positive, enjoyable and forward thinking setting.


Speaker Series

What are the benefits of attending this event?


Guest Speakers

This is an excellent opportunity to meet new professionals in your industry and further establish your personal brand.  As well – If presenting - this is a great branding opportunity to provide a forward thinking presentation to those within your line of work.


This is a chance to expand your network while learning from some of the best executives in their industry, and tips they’ve learned along the way.


Previous Speakers


Mohan Markandaier
Managing Partner
Good News Ventures

Lawrence Tepperman
Berkeley Payments



Want to become a speaker?

Please send us an email telling us about yourself and why you want to be part of our Speaker Series.


Interested to attend  our series?

Click in the link below and fill out the form to become part of our guest list. We will email invitations indicating when the next session as well as the details of our guest speaker.

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*Be aware that these are exclusive events with limited seating, and invitations will be sent by email accordingly.