Find out what our satisfied clients are saying about us, and why they have chosen Syrja & Associates to manage their wealth!


Mohan M.
Managing Partner
Good News Ventures

"My wife and I have been working with Scott for over 15 years. In the early stages, when we were starting a family and growing as an entrepreneur, investments and wealth strategy was the last thing on our minds, however we quickly realized the importance of having guidance that addresses all our needs. Scott and the team guided us both with our personal financial goals as well as with our corporation - as we went through building businesses and successfully exiting. For us, it was important for the personal and the business plans to be connected. Over the years, Scott and the team at IG Wealth Management continue to help us with tax planning, investment planning and debt management. As we evolve from running businesses to investing in early stage tech companies, they are able to help with managing our strategies as the timing of investments and return outcomes in early stage private markets are constantly changing. Scott and his team have been and continue to be an important element in managing the changing needs both on the personal and professional side."

Erin B.
CEO & Co-founder

"My husband and I co-founded Willful in 2017, so our personal and professional finances are intertwined. We started working with Scott and his team to put together a plan for how to structure our business interests in a way that will be favourable to our family. We love working with someone who truly understands the startup world - from advisor options, to angel investments, to setting up family trusts, Scott and his team have helped us put together a plan that will help us to build our wealth - and a solid financial plan - over time."


"I have chosen to work with Scott for well over 10 years. I can trust him with the most personal issues…. He is knowledgeable, direct and runs a well-organized practice with diligent team members. Given my hectic schedule, he is mindful of my ability to respond and most accommodating in the manner in which we interact…. He certainly keeps me on track and provides perspective when needed."

- Vas P.

"Scott is an invaluable part of our retirement plan! The best part of working with Scott is the tightly integrated network of other professionals he brings to the table… His relationship with our banker and realtor have made complex transactions seem simple and seamless from our perspective."

- Glen and Karen W.

"Scott has been our financial advisor for over nine years... Scott has seen us through the purchase of two homes, the selling of one, home renovations, vehicle replacement, the birth of our two children, new jobs, retirement savings decisions, ailing grandparents and parents… He is proactive, compassionate, easy to talk to and responsive to our needs."

- Jeanne P.

"Scott works with my wife and I on our entire financial picture; everything from retirement to debt to insurance and month to month cash flow… His team is responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with. I feel like Scott cares a lot about his business and clients."

- Peter and Krista F.

"Before I met Scott, I thought I had my financial life in order and definitively I thought I was smart enough to handle all on my own. After being referred to Scott by a fellow Klickster who I trusted. I decided to meet with him and have truly never looked back.
Scott and his team have a thorough approach to financial planning that has left my family with peace of mind. Beyond the basics of RRSP, Scott has personally coached us through several major financial events. Whether that was saving for a home with more space for our growing family, or reacting to emergencies like sudden need for a new vehicle. Scott has always been available via Skype or an old fashion phone call. I would highly recommend working with Scott to anyone who will listen! He has, without a question, changed the course of our lives in a very positive way."

- Andrew W.

"Since working with Scott over the past year, I no longer “worry” about my financial future and if I am doing the right things to meet my financial goals. I can honestly say that I look forward to our meetings knowing that my full financial health, and the financial future for my kids, is being cared for.
When we first met, Scott took the time to understand me and my specific situation and circumstances. He worked with me to create financial goals that made sense, and crafted a plan to help me achieve those goals. At each step of the way, Scott took the time to explain what he felt could be done, and more importantly what should be done to move me towards my goals. Scott was able to consolidate my insurance plans and discovered that I was paying for some insurances that I did not need, and helped make the money which I do have available to me work as hard as it can to meet my financial goals."

- Kamal S.