We are committed to helping affluent Canadians manage the complex and evolving needs of their wealth. Whether you are recently retired or have a growing business, we take a holistic approach to your overall financial well-being. Clients and their families are at the heart of everything we do, every day.

We have helped clients across a range of needs and goals that include:


Pre-retirees and Retirees:

You have spent your working life accumulating hard-earned wealth, and now, you are getting ready to move to the next phase of your life - Retirement. When you retire, it truly takes a concerted effort to fundamentally change how you view and manage your wealth. For most, you will be continuing to look at ways of increasing your money. However – at or near retirement - you are also looking at ways to protect it; in order to maintain your current lifestyle, and potentially leave a legacy for your family. All in all - The next stage of your life will be quite different, from your working years.

Our team can help address several issues you may encounter at this stage of your life:

  • You may live longer than you expect, and maintaining your lifestyle could become a challenge
  • Managing your tax bill is even more critical to protect your assets over time
  • Creating a tax-efficient is essential, in order to afford a secure life-long income
  • Your ability to leave a legacy depends on a proper plan; and estate strategy

We are here to listen - and help you; making sure that you look forward to a long and comfortable retirement.




If you are an executive who has spent a good part of your life building a successful career, then you understand the complexity of your tax bill, specific investment portfolios and executive compensation structures. To help secure a robust future – in order to help you live on your terms - there are several important factors to consider.

They include:

  • Planning for the long term, and plan how you will use your wealth down the road
  • Reducing your tax bill by taking advantage of retirement, health savings, and educational savings accounts for your kids; all while increasing your personal savings
  • Planning properly for the prospect of an early retirement (depending on your job/pension/severance structure)

We can help build a plan to address the many wealth-related questions you may have, and how you can enjoy the lifestyle you have built over your successful and demanding career.



Founders, Angel Investors and Start-up companies:

As business owners ourselves, we understand some of the unique challenges and opportunities available to incorporated business owners, angel investors and entrepreneurs. Whether you are newfound entrepreneur - or own (or are invested in) an established business, we can help maintain your current lifestyle, and plan a proper corporate exit strategy to maximize your retirement.

Building wealth goes beyond running a strong balance sheet and showcasing record profits each year. A key to enjoying the results of your hard work is to build wealth both inside - and outside - your business.

We can guide you in creating:

  • A proper succession plan, to help ensure you maximize the return on your business/investment
  • Using holding companies, corporate trusts, life insurance policies, and other financial tools to limit your future tax liability
  • A well-diversified investment portfolio outside the business that can continue to generate income long after you have sold or moved on from your life as a business owner
  • Potential benefit packages to help attract and maintain your employees


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